Sunday, April 29, 2012

TEDTalks: Renny Gleeson on antisocial phone tricks

Renny Gleeson's Ted Talk is based upon the rise of availability in today's culture. That "rise" is due to mobile devices gaining popularity amongst everyone, no matter their age. With that, comes the expectation of availability and an obligation to that availability. As a society, we are still trying to determine how to allow people to be available. Gleeson, then shows pictures of various types of "cover-ups" when it comes to availability and the cell phone. The pictures keep the audience focused on what he is trying to say while also keeping them entertained with the humor behind them. Some of the tactics include: "The Lean," "The Stretch," and the "Love you; Mean it." All of these suggest that people go out of their way to find communication with people other than the ones they are with at the time. This says "You are less important than anything that can come to me through this device." Renny Gleeson presents the idea that we have a fundamental human need to "create shared narratives," which makes us a culture. We need to share ideas with other people in order to create our identity, instead of "simply projecting it." Gleeson, then, challenges everyone to make technology that allow us to be more human, not less, since our generation will invent new ways to create the shared experience and even the new world.  
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