Friday, April 20, 2012

TEDTalks: Daniel Pink's Intrinsic Motivation

    In his book Drive, Daniel Pink proposes the idea that motivation is not based solely on the hope of getting a big reward for your actions. In his TED Talk, redone with RSA animate, Pink addresses this notion with astounding factual evidence.
    His speech was highlighted with one main point: that through intrinsic motivation, humans would be effectively inspired to purposefully and independently master their own success. Daniel Pink began by giving specific examples of how this type of motivation has changed society in a positive way. I believe that this part of the speech was very important to include because it made the audience and myself feel that this could make a difference in the world. He then suggested that if companies allowed their employees creative freedom, they would be far more motivated to work successfully than if they were offered more money with less time to be creative.
    Daniel Pink comes across as a very educated person in the styles of speech. He speaks confidently, without wavering, and seems to be truly passionate about his topic. He chose to repeat points and individual words to help the audience retain the idea that he was trying to spread. He supplied the listeners with reliable samples of intrinsic motivation working auspiciously in the workplace. His sources were bold and illustrated his knowledge of the topic, which further helped solidify his argument. Pink also gave the audience confidence in his intelligence by challenging his own statements and giving solutions to the flaws in his ideology.
    As I was watching the presentation, I felt that Daniel Pink was emotionally connected to his chosen topic. It made me feel secure in his opinions and gave me confidence in my own beliefs, even if they contradicted his. Sometimes, I found myself internally debating whether or not I agreed with his stance on extra money and power being harmful to a business craving successful creative ideas. Also, I really enjoyed the animation connected to the Talk because it supplied me with a visual aid that assisted me in my understanding of the subject.
    Hopefully, everyone will take the idea of intrinsic motivation and apply it to their own lives, as well as their children’s and their friends’. Perhaps this single idea will ignite a revolution that can positively change the world.

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